Licensing Deal - Jeans Patent Makes Your Butt Look Great in Jeans - World Patent Marketing China Announces Another April Manufacturing Deal for Supreme Diva Jeans
The New York Inventor Exchange approves the Supreme Diva Jeans for licensing and trading intellectual property rights.

HONG KONG, China, April 24, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via PRWEB - World Patent Marketing, a vertically integrated manufacturer and distributor of patented products, is pleased to announce that it has successfully negotiated a licensing deal for a North Carolina inventor. The manufacturer is none other than World Patent Marketing China, World Patent Marketing's manufacturing division. World Patent Marketing has exclusively licensed Supreme Diva Jeans for ten years and will distribute the product worldwide.

"This is the best month we have ever had in World Patent Marketing history." said Scott J. Cooper, CEO and Creative Director of World Patent Marketing, "We can barely keep up with the volume. We are putting our profits back into the business and taking bigger risks to manufacture new and exciting products. Supreme Diva Jeans is a perfect example. The jeans market is a worldwide $64 billion market and we are pushing our way in with a hot new trend at the perfect time."

"This product will not only change the clothing industry, but make a dent in the cosmetic surgery market as well," said Cattya Bella, Director of Product Development of World Patent Marketing. "This jeans patent has the potential to transform the lives of women by giving them renewed confidence and self-esteem - without ever going through an invasive and risky procedure."

Supreme Diva Jeans is an innovative product and jeans patent that aims to enhance the woman's backside. By using the product, jeans and shorts will instantly fit better. It isn't bulky and doesn't wrinkle when worn. Aside from that, it makes the clothes feel comfortable thanks to the added padding. It is an easy to install product since it is stitched on the garment and stays firmly in place.

"People with rounder butts are deemed more appealing and this jeans patent offers that effect without resorting to any dangerous procedures" said Betty F., inventor of the Supreme Diva Jeans. "Society's perception of beauty greatly affects how women perceive themselves too. I am thankful that World Patent Marketing has made it possible for my product to be manufactured in order to help women of all shapes and sizes. I am especially thankful for CEO Scott Cooper and Cattya Bella for understanding my passion and taking a chance on me."

The idea of how a difference in detail makes your butt look great in jeans is nothing new. In fact, there has been a lot of discussion on how to achieve this look with minimal effort. Fashion experts say that a smaller sized pockets (in pants or shorts) give the illusion of a bigger, fuller behind. The appearance of a curvy and behind ranks as high as comfort when women are asked about their primary concerns when looking for a pair of jeans.

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